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  • Cultural Capital as a Resource for Sustainable Development of Latvia / CARD  / About
  • Digital Resources for Humanities: Integration and Development / About
  • Digitization of the Cultural Heritage Content (2nd Stage) / About
  • Latvian Memory Institution Data in the Digital Space: Connecting Cultural Heritage / About
  • Medical Information Literacy / About
  • Text Analysis Methods and Tools for Similarity Metrics in Large National Text Corpora: the Case of the Latvian National Digital Library and the National Repository of Academic Texts of Ukraine / About
  • The Future of Cultural Heritage in Modern Europe / About


  • Building Public Resilience Through Verified Knowledge Sources: a Latvian-Norwegian Encyclopedic Approach / About
  • Debate Your Issue / About
  • Digitization of the Cultural Heritage Content (1st Stage) / About
  • iTSELF − innovations for Turkey, Serbia, Estonia, Latvia and France (Re-designing and co-creating innovative cultural heritage services through libraries) / About
  • Media and Information Literacy & Innovative Teaching Methods Laboratory / About
  • The Riga Jesuit College Library 1583–1621 / About
  • The Significance of Documentary Heritage in Creating Synergies between Research and Society / About