National Bibliography

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  • Books - books published in Latvia since 1525. Information on books published in Latvia and received in library until 2017. Since July 2009 cover images and tables of content are available.
  • Books - books published in Latvia and received in library since 2018.
  • Serials - information about newspapers, journals and magazines, newsletters, collections of articles, yearbooks published in Latvia since 2000.
  • Maps - information about maps published in Latvia since 1791.
  • Printed Music - information about printed music published in Latvia since 1828.
  • Video/audio records - information about video records published in Latvia since 1954.
  • Sound records - information about sound records published in Latvia since 1934.
  • Graphic Editions - information about graphic editions published in Latvia since 1830.
  • Small Prints - information about small prints published in Latvia since 1784.
  • E-resources - descriptions of electronic books published in Latvia.
  • Electronic documents - information about documents published in Latvia in CD, DVD formats.
  • Articles in periodicals - articles from newspapers, journals and magazines, collections of articles published in Latvia starting from 1940. Since May 2005 full texts using Lursoft newspaper library are available (the service is accessible only for the registered users of the library). Information about articles from serial editions from 1917, 1918, 1919, 1926, 1937, 1938 is also available.
  • Lettica - books until 2012 - descriptions of books published outside Latvia about Latvia and Latvians - information since 1940.
  • Lettica - articles -  articles about Latvia and Latvians from serials published outside Latvia, starting from 1980. Descriptions of articles in newspaper "Laiks" since 1949.


NATIONAL BIBLIOGRAPHY DATABASE OF MONOGRAPHS AND SERIAL PUBLICATIONS - books published in Latvia and received in library until 2017.