Graphic documents

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Collection of graphic documents contains more than 254 thousand published documents – posters, portraits, postcards, art exhibition catalogues, exlibris, prints, art, photos and engraving albums. It is the largest and the only Graphic documents collection available for readers in Latvia.

Collection of art exhibition catalogues is one of the largest and most varied in terms of volume (about 11 thousand), time coverage (from the middle of 19th century to the present day), as well as in terms of geography of editions.

Seven thousand units large poster collection is the most extensive and most complete not only Latvian, but also worldwide. It has posters of the last quarter of 19th century up to the present day. This collection makes it possible to trace the development of the main poster art trends in length of more than 100 years. Here can be seen works by Latvian poster coryphaei R. Zariņš, S. Vidbergs, R. Suta, A. Apsītis, N. Strunke, J. Liepiņš and others. The most complete part of collection is posters made during the post-war period.

Collection of graphic documents consists of two in terms of importance equal and mutually complementary collections – exlibris and prints. Exlibris collection is relatively small – about three thousand jobs. Most of the collection is made up of bookmarks by founder of Latvian professional bookmark – R. Zariņš, works by artists J. Madernieks, R. Suta, N. Strunke, S. Vidbergs, K. Padegs, A. Jupatova, J. Antimonovas, N. Černecova and others. In prints collection (more than thousand and a hundred units) is more completely represented the period of 60ies - 80ies of 20th century, when the collection was actively formed. Here are works by P. Upītis, G. Krollis, A. Ņikitins, L. Zikmane, J. Petraškevičs, I. Blumbergs and others. Along with sheets of Latvian graphics the collection includes also small, but interesting collection of foreign graphics, where are represented works by English, French, German, Italian and other artists from 18th - 20th century.

Postcard collection has over one hundred thousand units and around five thousand sets of postcards, issued in Latvia and abroad. The collection, which shows the history of the issue of the postcards from the last quarter of 19th century up to the present day, is a great visual and iconographic material. Among the authors of the postcards are well-known artists: J. Pīgoznis, J. Anmanis, M. Dragūne, D. Lapiņa, L. Zikmane, F. Kirke, J. Putrams and others.