Terms of Payment Procedure of the National Library of Latvia Reader's Card

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1. The Terms of Payment Procedure of the National Library of Latvia (hereinafter – the NLL) Reader's Card lay down the procedure by which readers pay for the paid services of the NLL: copying, printing and scanning of information specified in the Cabinet Regulations "Price List of Public Paid Services of the National Library of Latvia".

2. The NLL readers, using their Reader's Cards, can copy, print and scan materials from the NLL collection using multi-functional devices.

3. In order to receive the above services, readers have to deposit prepayment on their Reader's Cards or to recharge their Reader's Cards.

4. New readers or newly registered readers can deposit prepayment on their Reader's Cards after approximately 15 minutes of activating their reader accounts.

5. Upon using the Reader's Card for the first time to copy, print, and scan, please, authorize it in the multi-functional device or the self-service machine.

6. According to the parameters (size, colour, format, etc.) of the service selected by the reader, the multi-functional device system automatically deducts the amount of money for the activities performed.

7. The amount of prepayment is determined by the reader, and the reader is responsible for the choice. The deposit may not exceed EUR 500.

8. The reader cannot get back the amount deposited on his/her Reader's Card, it is not refunded. Unless a technical error is detected, as a result of which money is deducted from the Reader's Card but the service is not received. In such cases, the amount of money lost is credited to the Reader's Card again.

9. The reader may deposit prepayment on his/her Reader's Card in EUR:

9.1. at the NLL Welcome desk, on level1, in cash or by bank card;

9.2. using the self-service machines on level 2 or 5 of the NLL in cash, using banknotes of different denominations (5 EUR, 10 EUR, 20 EUR, 50 EUR) and coins (0,05 EUR, 0,10 EUR, 0,20 EUR, 0,50 EUR, 1 EUR, 2 EUR).

10. A receipt issued by a self-service machine is not a document certifying a transaction, it is of informative nature. In order to receive a document confirming the transaction, prepayment has to be made at the Welcome Desk on level 1.

11. The self-service machine does not give back change.

12. The reader can check the remaining amount of money or balance on his/her Reader's Card:

12.1. at the NLL Welcome Desk on level 1;

12.2. using the self-service machines on level 2 or 5 of the NLL;

12.3. using the multi-functional devices.

13. Readers who have retained their Copy Cards of the previous system may transfer money to their Reader's Cards. Please present a Copy Card at the Welcome Desk, the Copy Card will not be returned to the reader.

14. The employees of the Welcome Desk check the amount of money on the Copy Card and transfer it to the Reader's Card.

15. Those readers who need full-text printing from the NLL databases, for example, Periodika.lv are not required to deposit prepayment on their Reader's Cards and to use multi-functional devices.

16. In such cases, printing shall be performed by an employee of the reading room of the NLL who shall make a relevant note in the reader’s account in the integrated library information system ALEPH 500. The reader makes the payment for the received service at the NLL Welcome Desk on level 1 in cash or by bank card.