Exhibition "Drama of Ideas in Posters: Posters of Theatrical Productions of Rainis' Plays in the Collection of the National Library of Latvia"

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Fri, 01/05/2015 to Wed, 30/09/2015

Venue: Lobby, Floor 4

The exhibition "Drama of Ideas in Posters" presents 12 posters of theatrical productions of Rainis' plays from the collection of the National Library of Latvia, created between 1947-1995.

The innovation and originality of Rainis' plays lies in exploring ideas as dramatic vehicles, essential to a play's development. Rainis figurally and creatively addresses national, humanitarian, philosophical and universal ideas and invites the interpreters of his works, including stage and poster artists, to do the same. Authors of posters in the most cases have been also stage designers. Many of the productions presented here became widely acclaimed as important new interpretations of Rainis’ writings and contributed to the fame of the actors. The Exhibition also contains the productions singled out in the Canon pf Latvian Culture: "Spēlēju, dancoju" ("I Played and Danced") (1956) by Eduards Smilģis, "Zelta zirgs" ("The Golden Horse") (1976) by Ādolfs Šapiro, and "Pūt vējiņi!" ("Blow, Wind, Blow") by Māra Ķimele (1985).

The poster collection of the National Library of Latvia incorporates posters from the end of the 19th century to the present. The oldest poster is dated to 1899, however, the ancestors of this type of advertising – old playbills and commemoration papers of various events – have been preserved as well, exceeding the amount of 8 thousands items.

Free admission.

Mo-Fri 9:00–20:00
Sat, Sun 10:00–17:00