Permanent exhibition "Castle of Light and Glass Mountain - the Story of the National Library of Latvia Project"

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Wed, 18/01/2017 to Fri, 30/12/2022

Venue: Level 1 and Level 12
Free admission.

The story of the public's aspiration to build a new National Library of Latvia (NLL) building is a crucial part of Latvia's cultural and general history. It is a story of national priorities and aspirations, economic boldness and political will. Also about the community's ability and inability to agree on the implementation of the Castle of Light concept over a period that corresponded with the existence of the state.

It is also a story about the support of UNESCO and the NLL standing alongside the famous Alexandria Library, and about the globally recognized talent of architect Gunnar Birkerts, executed in its unique Glass Mountain form on the Daugava river bank, in the heart of Riga.