Exhibition "Baltic Tale"

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Exhibition "Baltic Tale"
Exhibition "Baltic Tale"

The exhibition "Baltic Tale" will be unveiled on 11 June at 13.00 in the Atrium (level 7) of the National Library of Latvia. The exhibition will show book illustrations from three young artists - Ulla Saar (Estonia), Elīna Brasliņa (Latvia) and Lina Itagaki (Lithuania). Free admission.

Once upon a time.... Wait, doesn't almost every tale you've heard begin like that? This one almost did as well. Only, it doesn't.

Right now, right here we have three independent artists - Ulla, Elīna and Lina, who've decided, till we're waiting for the Baltic Rail, to create a Baltic Tale, to tell people stories with pictures and invite them on a journey through Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. All three artists are also children's book illustrators so what could be more convenient places to show their works than libraries.

The stories being told use different mediums but they are all made for kids, trying to engage young audience to read more books. Most of us have favourite books form our childhood that we reflect back upon with fond memories. It's a very humbling and honoured task to be able to create new memories and give faces to new heroes, a task none of the three artists takes lightly. Please join us on our journey and hopefully you'll discover new routes and books that will become your new favourites.

Ulla Saar is a children's book illustrator, product designer, graphic artist, and interior designer. On 2001 received a bachelor degree in product design in Estonian Academy of Arts and on year 2000/2001 spent a semester studying in Aalto University of Art and Design. She has designed books, illustrated children's books, collaborated with children's magazine "Täheke", and designed postcards, pins, and calendars.

Ulla about her work: Pencils and I have a long history together that may contain blood, sweat, and tears, but we've come a long way and we know each other through and through. By now, we get along swimmingly. When I work on a book, I try to proceed from the text and catch the tone of it in my drawings; to support and elevate it rather than compete with it. That's why all the books I’ve illustrated look different – to me, a technique is just a tool that I execute to create a good book.

Elīna Brasliņa is an illustrator, graphic designer and printmaker. Before she became a student at the Art Academy of Latvia, she studied linguistics and dreamt of one day translating lengthy French and English novels into Latvian. Her love of reading and drawing come together in her favourite activity – illustrating children's books. So far she has illustrated ten titles, is currently working as production designer for an animated feature film and one day hopes to draw picture books based on her own stories.

Elīna about her work: "I try to find out something new about myself in every project, no matter how big or small. It's easy to stick to just one style you feel comfortable with, but it's more rewarding to challenge yourself and enter into unknown territory. Once it stops being fun, there's no more point in doing it."

Lina Itagaki is an illustrator, comics and zine artist. When she was little, she wanted to become Indiana Jones – to travel, have lots of adventures and a nice travel diary. She was planning to study archeology, but ended up studying Japanese language and went to study and live in Japan. There she became interested in IT business and in 2003 she received a bachelor degree of International economy at the International Christian University in Japan. Later in Lithuania, while working in a company surrounded by artists, she decided to learn how to draw and ended up studying graphic art (printmaking) at Vilnius Academy of Arts (graduated in 2014). Now her dream is to travel and draw – to become a drawing Indiana Jones. Illustrations, presented at this exhibition, received the 3rd place award at the book art exhibition Illustration and books 2015 in Vilnius, Lithuania and TOP 10 illustrators award at COW International Design Festival "Illustration 2015" in Ukraine. Now she has started working on her first commissioned illustrated book for children.

Lina about her work: "When I draw, usually I never make sketches. I try to finish every drawing, adjust it till I like it. And, when I start, usually I have a very vague idea or no idea what I will draw, so when I finish it is always a surprise for myself. I really like colouring with simple felt tip pens, pencils, promarkers, mixing them, putting many layers of them and in the end I do not know myself how I made it. I do not like to plan, I love to improvise!"

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