Epidemiological safety

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NLL visitors have access to all services without presenting a valid COVID-19 certificate.

Visitors do not have to wear face masks.

The NLL shall not provide services to persons with symptoms of respiratory infectious illnesses, as well as those for whom self-isolation, home quarantine or strict isolation has been stipulated. The NLL has the right to deny entry to persons with symptoms of a respiratory infectious illness or to request that they leave the premises.

Readers are encouraged to use their personal laptops when working at the NLL.

The NLL encourages the use of personal headphones for work with specialised audio programmes.

Readers are requested to pay for services by payment card.

NLL encourages observe 2 metre social distancing, except for members of one household. In order to prevent crowding and to ensure the observance of 2 metre social distancing, the NLL provides a separate entrance and exit, to ensure two discrete flows of visitors into and out of the building.

Visitors to the NLL are provided with all safety measures for hand hygiene: hands can be washed in the toilets on all levels; several stationary hand-disinfection stands are located in the atrium. Disinfectants are available in each reading room and at multifunctional devices.

The premises shall be cleaned and surfaces disinfected once a day. Handles, railings, public toilets, locker-room locker doors and handles, and individual workrooms in reading rooms shall be cleaned and disinfected once every three hours.

The climate and ventilation control system operating in the NLL premises ensures the continuous monitoring of air quality.