Facts from NLL history

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1919 The Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia adopts the decision on the establishment of the State Library of Latvia
1920 The Library starts receiving the legal deposit copy of Latvian printed editions. The legal deposit copies of the USSR and LSSR (1941)
1921 The current series (numbered) of the bibliographical index “Latvian Science and Literature” of articles published in periodicals is published. Retrospective series (lettered) (1926)
1922 The “Law on the State Library” and the “Law on the Central Book Catalogue” adopted. The interlibrary loan (ILL) launched in Latvia
1924 Latvia joins the Brussels Convention that envisages the international exchange of printed matter published with state funding - official documents, scientific and literary publications
1927 "The Bulleting of the State Library”, the index of books published in Latvia, bibliographical monthly magazine sets the foundation for regular national bibliography. The Association of Latvian Librarians (ALL) becomes the member of IFLA (International Federation of Library Associations). ALL renews its membership in IFLA in 1999
1940 The State Chamber of Books (since 1989 - the Institute of Bibliography) established at the State Library of the Latvian SSR. An independent institution since 1959, merged into the structure of the NLL in 1993.
1946 The closed stack or the so-called specfonds has been formed. Transferred for general use in 1988
1949 Start of the publication of the national registering bibliographical index “Press Chronicle” (since 1957 — “The Press Chronicle of the Latvian SSR”)
1950 Start of the publication of the analytical bibliographical edition “Chronicle of Magazine and Newspaper Articles”
1958 The State Central Sheet Music Library is joined to the Library, establishing the Music Department
1968 The Library organizes the first summer seminar-camp for Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian libraries LiLaEst
1988 The Council of Ministers of the Latvian SSR adopts a decision on building a new State Library building
1992 The Law of the Republic of Latvia “On the National Library of Latvia” is adopted
1993 The NLL becomes the member of the Conference of the Directors of European National Libraries (CENL)
1995 The Baltic Central Library, created by Oto Bong (1918—2006) is made accessible to the readers
1996 The Council of Europe Information Office is opened at the NLL
1997 Library Information Network Consortium established for the implementation of LATLIBNET project (the present state agency Culture Information Systems)
1998 The Support Foundation of the NLL established (at present – the Society)
The depository of the NLL opened in Silakrogs (the present repository). Its second stage commissioned in 2006.
The Centre for professional continuous education, established by the NLL, the University of Latvia, the Library Information Network Consortium and IT company Alise, is launched (at present – the Training Centre of the NLL. Accredited in 2008)
1999 The NLL starts the building of the digital library with the project “Heritage 1: Preservation of Latvian periodicals (1822— 1940)”.
UNESCO General Assembly in Paris approves “Resolution for the support to the building of the NLL” submitted by the NLL
2000 475 years pass since the first book in “common Livonian, Latvian and Estonian language” was printed.
Launch of the NLL electronic catalogue.
The International Council of Experts of UNESCO established for the support of the construction of the NLL
2001 The united reader’s card of the Consortium Libraries introduced.
The 15th annual meeting of CENL held in Riga
2002 The Bank of Latvia issues a one lat coin with the image of the new NLL building.
The Parliament of the Republic of Latvia passes the Law on the Construction of the NLL
2004 The clearing of the NLL building site starts
2006 The foundations of the National Digital Library of Latvia “Letonica” are laid.
The completion of the international project TEL-ME-MOR.
The NLL becomes a full member of TEL (The European Library)
2007 The NLL included in the list of the national research institutions
2008 The construction of the new NLL building starts
2009 On August 29 the National Library of Latvia celebrates its 90th anniversary
2010 In NLL are installed large-scale data storages (tape libraries) for storage of digitized stocks of library
2011 Rafter feast of the new NLL building
2014 New NLL building – Castle of Light – is opened for visitors