Baltisches Biographisches Archiv

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Publisher: De Gruyter
Description: Full text biographical database. Based on the digitization of K. G. Saur's Biographical Archives, it compiles biographical articles from printed reference works published from the 16th to the 21st century, and reproduces these original documents as facsimile images on the screen. In order to search and browse the database records, the Baltisches Biographisches Archiv should be selected from the common archive list.
Subjects: Information about 175 000 Baltic-related personalities from 317 biographical reference sources available.
Database Type: Full-text database
Content: Encyclopaedias, handbooks etc.
Coverage: 1772-2002
Language: English, German, Latvian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Polish and other languages.
Interface Language: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Romanian
Access: Accessible in all NLL reading rooms