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Publisher: Credo Reference
Description: Reference information database with more than 3 million full text entries from different publishers.
Subjects: Medicine, arts, psychology, history, technology, theology, literature, zoology, mathematics, music, mythology, etc.
Database Type: Full-text database
Content: Subject, biographical and bilingual dictionaries, encyclopaedias, atlases, e-books and other reference resources.
Language: English
Interface Language: English
Access: Accessible in all NLL reading rooms, for NLL readers also outside National Library of Latvia.


CREDO offer variety of useful tools to help you find information quicker:

What does that word mean? Credo’s impressive dictionary shelf provides quick, accurate definitions when you need them.



When you need to know who’s who, from famous Victorian lives to modern CEOs, our extensive biographical databases will help flesh out your biographical searches.



Search our database of over 200,000 images. Copy them and use them in your project — they are provided without digital rights management (DRM) restrictions.



How do you pronounce that word? Listen to an audio file to make sure you say it right.



Crossword Solver
Enter your crossword letters in the box. Use a question mark (?) in place of unknown letters; To solve an anagram, enter all of the letters.


Who said that? Thousands of quotes of note will help you identify the speaker and get the exact text of the quote right.



Holidays & Festivals
Looking to write about Dreikönigsfest? Enter a country, month or celebration and we’ll give you the reference background you need to write about the celebrations of the world.



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