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Publisher: JSTOR
Description: JSTOR is a digital library including thousands of academic journals, books, and primary source documents.

NLL subscribes to all JSTOR Arts & Sciences collections, which mainly include periodicals in the Humanities and Social Sciences. (full texts accessible from the beginning of their publication, but not the last 4-5 years approximately, if the magazine is still being published).

NLL currently has access to over 50 000 e-books. E-books are cross-searchable with journal articles on the JSTOR platform. There are no DRM restrictions or limits on chapter PDF downloads and printing.

Also JSTOR Sustainability – a collection of academic and policy research on environmental stresses and their impact on society – is available.

Subjects: Humanities and social sciences (economics, history, political science, languages and literature, mathematics, psychology, philosophy, pedagogy, art, etc.
Database Type: Full-text database
Content: E-journals, e-books
Language: English, German, French etc.
Interface Language: English, Russian, German, Spanish, Swedish and other languages
Access: Accessible in all NLL reading rooms, for NLL readers also outside National Library of Latvia.

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