Rules for use of paid parking space of the National Library of Latvia

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On 26 April 2016

  1. Only registered passenger vehicles without a trailer (hereinafter – cars) are allowed to park in the parking space.
  2. The rules for use of the parking space are binding to all persons (users of cars), when parking their car in this territory.
  3. The car shall be parked in the parking space in accordance with road traffic and informative signs and symbols.
  4. The car user is responsible for any damage caused to the parking space and its equipment due to his or her fault.
  5. NLL shall not be materially or otherwise responsible for cars parked in the parking space.
  6. When entering the paid parking space, the customer shall push the entrance terminal button, take a ticket and, before leaving the parking space, pay with a bank card at the automatic payment terminal, installed at the parking space, in accordance with the rate 2,00 EUR/hour. Payments in cash shall be paid at the NLL Welcome Desk.
  7. For visitors of NLL, only during library working hours or events, NLL Welcome Desk arranges a rate 1,00 EUR for the first hour and 0,65 EUR for each following hour.
  8. After making a payment the parking space shall be left within 15 minutes.
  9. A penalty for losing the parking space ticket is 40,00 EUR, and for violation of the rules for use of the parking space – 25,00 EUR, which shall be paid at the NLL Welcome Desk.
  10. In the case of technical problems with parking space barriers or automatic payment terminal, please, call +371 67806135, +371 25627640 or +371 67806112 and make payments at the NLL Welcome Desk.
  11. Phone number of the NLL Welcome Desk: +371 67806135, +371 25627640, security phone number: +371 67806112.

Director of the NLL Andris Vilks