Photography and filming at the National Library of Latvia

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  1. The taking of photographs in the public areas of the NLL for private and non-commercial purposes is free of charge.
  2. All photography shoots and filming on NLL premises (except for newlyweds) must be arranged with the NLL Communications Department by calling +371 67716235 or by e-mail: Newlyweds may apply to the NLL Excursion Centre for photo shoots by calling +371 22022920 or by e-mail:
  3. The following information is required for the arrangement of photo shoots (except for newlyweds): 1) date and time, 2) purpose, 3) content, 4) where the photos or footage will be utilised.
  4. Pre-arranged photo shoots and filming are allowed on the public levels of the NLL (Levels: 1-8) and in the NLL gable (Levels: 11-12), as long as they are available at the proposed time. Specific permission is required for reading rooms and complete silence must be maintained.
  5. Newlyweds together with a photographer and a group of up to 10 people (in total) may stay for up to 30 minutes and take pictures in the NLL gable (Levels: 11-12) free of charge, as long as they are available at the proposed time. Photo shoots can be up to one hour in other public areas of the NLL.
  6. The photographing and filming of other persons (adults and children) is only allowed with the direct permission of these persons, their parents or legal guardians.
  7. During the pre-election political-campaign period, the taking of photographs and videos related to any political party, its activities or representatives is not allowed on the premises of the NLL.
  8. The NLL reserves the right not to approve the taking of photographs and videos on the NLL's premises if the content of the photographs and videos does not comply with and contradicts the status of the NLL as a state-owned cultural, educational and scientific centre and the NLL's communication strategy.