Project: The Future of Cultural Heritage in Modern Europe

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The Future of Cultural Heritage in Modern Europe project is aimed at promoting and researching the understanding of literary cultural heritage (especially manuscripts and early printed items). The project will involve student and staff exchanges and the organisation of joint seminars and research activities involving higher-education and cultural-memory institutions from Potsdam, Krakow, Bologna, Athens, Bordeaux, Rīga, Copenhagen and Luxembourg. Three summer schools and a series of seminars on different topics are planned, as are the promotion of cooperation between higher education institutions, libraries and museums, and the mounting of exhibitions.

The project focuses on the concept of cultural heritage and its goals include the development of an innovative research and teaching methodology on the dynamics of this concept, with particular emphasis on the literary sources of cultural heritage – manuscripts and early printed items. The project will analyse local and regional sources of European cultural heritage, develop new knowledge about the materiality, multilingualism and intercultural aspects of these sources as creative resources. Plans include interdisciplinary research and the advancement of international cooperation.

The project activity planned for the National Library of Latvia is the mounting of an exhibition on the Hernnhutian manuscripts in the NLL collection. The NLL will provide the complete establishment of the exhibition, as well as organising promotional events for it. The theme of the exhibition will be in line with the main theme of the project, focusing on the NLL's collection of manuscripts and early printed items. The exhibition will be opened in the NLL's premises in February 2022. The exhibition concept will be developed by a working group of NLL researchers in consultation with the project's international partners.

Project implementation period: 01.09.2019.–31.08.2022.

Project sponsor: The European Union's Erasmus+ programme to support education, training, youth and sport


Internship organized within the project "The Future of Cultural Heritage in Modern Europe" at the NLL's Lettonica and Baltic Centre

We are offering interns the opportunity to carry out their research using the NLL's collections and in consultation with NLL research staff. Interns will be asked to contribute to the development of a concept for the exhibition to be organised as part of the project.

Interns will also be invited to submit a paper presenting the results of their research to the Proceedings of the NLL, to participate in NLL research seminars, as well as share their research results and findings on various social media. At the conclusion of their internship, interns will be required to submit a report on their internship results.

Interns' duties will include work with German manuscripts in the NLL collections and the transcription of handwritten Fraktur manuscripts.