Medical Information Literacy

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Medical Information Literacy
Medical Information Literacy

In 2019 the Erasmus+ program strategic partnership project "Medical Information Literacy" No. 2019-1-LV01-KA204-060371 was approved developed by Riga Stradins University.

The project aims to develop an innovative, international professional development education program for librarians in the field of medical information literacy, based on androgynous principles, to develop methodological materials (e-book) for lecturers and teaching materials.

Expected project results:

  1. Innovative, international, professional development program;
  2. Methodological and teaching materials addressed to the lecturers.

Target audience:

  • Library specialists from public, school, college, university and hospital libraries;
  • Healthcare professionals interested in reliable information for work purposes;
  • Health science teachers who are interested in information for the study process;
  • European medical information professionals planning to develop and/or deliver similar training programs.

Partner organisations: Rīga Stradins University, National Library of Latvia, Lithuanian University of Health Science, Tartu University Hospital, Tallinn University

Project implementation period: 01.10.2019.−30.11.2021.

Project budget: 141 815,00 EUR

Project funded by Erasmus+

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