Project: Building Public Resilience Through Verified Knowledge Sources: a Latvian-Norwegian Encyclopedic Approach

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Aim of the project

The main aim of this initiative is to make verified knowledge and understandable common-interest information more easily available to the general public of Latvia and Norway, in the context of misinformation, fake news and propaganda. Initiative is based on the idea of making available dissemination of the information for the wide public audience through modern and forward-looking media − expert-written encyclopedia. Encyclopedias, as is shown in both Latvian and Norwegian case, could be essential in producing valuable extra-curricular content for the general educational institutions and the institutions of higher education. National encyclopedias also provide additional impetus for the securing place to the smaller languages, non-English native speaking population in the knowledge-based environment, using academic resources in providing reliable information to the general audience via their native tongue.

Planned activities

In cooperation with the initiative partner "Store norske leksikon", three seminars (one in Norway, two in Latvia) will be organized for teams of encyclopedia editors to exchange and provide theoretical and practical knowledge on the operation and development of 21st century electronic resources created by professionals, as well as competence. The main topics of the seminars will be specific issues related to the application of the technological environment in the editing process, and long-term problems of word processing, technical and editorial aspects of text updating. During the organized lectures, participants will be introduced to ideas for the development of the electronic environment and possible models of encyclopedia adaptation in today's changing conditions will be discussed.

Planned results

  • This initiative will improve the methodology and analysis of the technology interaction with text processing, and hence lead to more quality content being available and visible to the users in both countries, and especially in Latvia.
  • More content, of both general character and specifically related to the regional topics discussed in the seminars, will be produced as a result of this initiative.
  • The manual will be created for use in further work after each seminar. The editorial teams will be fitted with better workflows and methods.
  • The initiative will create mutual understanding of the societies, history and cultural contexts of the two countries within their respective defining institutions for dissemination of knowledge to the general public. This will improve the bilateral relations between Latvia and Norway both in the short and in the long run and will lay the groundwork for further cooperation in the future.

Project partner: Norwegian encyclopedia "Store norske leksikon"

Project implementation period: 11.2020.−11.2021.

Project funding: 52 801,00 EUR

Project sponsor: Fund for Bilateral Relations of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014−2021