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The National Library of Latvia offers guided tours, during which visitors find out about the Library building, reading rooms and services. Excursions, for groups of up to 10 people, are available during the Library's OPENING HOURS. Excursions are offered in Latvian, Russian, English and German. Pre-registration for excursions is possible on working days (Monday-Friday) 09.00-17.00 by phoning +371 22022920 or e-mailing: ekskursijas@lnb.lv. Guided tours are free for residents of Latvia. Library tours in foreign languages cost 3 EUR per person.

The building can also be toured by individuals. If you do not have a NLL Reader's card, you must apply at the Welcome Desk (Level 1) and obtain a Visitor's card. For more information, please call +371 22022920.

Level 11 and 12 with a 360° view of Riga are available to visitors when there are no events. Ask about access at the Welcome Desk on Level 1. The premises are intended for short-term viewing. Please use reading rooms for work.

NLL digital guide: gids.lnb.lv will take you around the building's different levels, and tell you about the library's history, collection, activities and the Castle of Light building. The digital guide is available in Latvian, English, German and Russian.


Excursions, classes and workshops in the Book in Latvia permanent exposition and the Virtaka classroom can be booked by phone +371 26420065 or e-mail: gramata.latvija@lnb.lv.

Visitors are also invited to visit the Shop or the Friends' Room on Level 1 of the Library, where books, design items and souvenirs are on sale.