Library materials

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Library materials are handed out for use only on the spot in the National Library of Latvia reading rooms. The loans service offered by the library is an exception.

In order to receive a book or other printed material, the reader should fill in and submit a request form. Editions which can be found in the electronic catalogue can be ordered from NLL storages and specialized reading rooms online. For other editions the literature requests should be filled onsite in the library, by identifying the location code, author, title and year of publication of the book in the request form. Request forms are available in reading rooms and at the Welcome Desk.

The NLL reader may receive up to 10 units of library materials at the same time.

Library materials ordered by the reader are stored in the reservation shelves in the reading rooms for 3-10 days. If such service is required, the reader should warn the reading room staff in advance.

The received literature should be returned no later than five minutes before the end of the library working hours. A bell rings 15 minutes before the end of working hours, inviting the readers to leave the library premises.