Personal loan

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Personal loan
Personal loan

According to the Terms of Use of the National Library of Latvia and Price list of the Library certain categories of readers can take printed and other type of documents outside the Library premises.

The following categories of readers are allowed to use the printed materials and other documents from the NLL collection outside the premises of the NLL:

  • deputies of the Saeima and members of the government,
  • researchers,
  • academic staff and teachers of educational institutions,
  • doctoral candidates,
  • university master's students (during the development of a master's thesis for up to 12 months),
  • lifelong grant recipients of the Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia,
  • members of the creative unions, who have been issued a creative person's certificate or a statement certifying the status of a creative person,
  • NLL experts and cooperation partners,
  • NLL employees,
  • NLL honorary readers,
  • students of Latvia's music education institutions (only sheet music from A. Kalnins Sheet music and Music Literature collection).

The Personal loan service is granted at the Book issuing point (Level 2, Room 228) or by sending the necessary documents and copies of documents to e-mail:

The Personal loan service period and fee:

  • half-year (6 months) – 11,38 EUR,
  • year (12 months) – 21,34 EUR.

To apply for the Personal loan service it is required:

  • to have the NLL readers card,
  • to have filled out the Personal loan service application FORM (DOCX) (Terms of Use of the National Library of Latvia, Annex No. 10),
  • to prove belonging to the reader category by showing an appropriate document (work card, student card, certificate) if the information cannot be found in a publicly available and reliable source.

Within three working days, the application will be reviewed by the NLL administration and the reader will be informed about the availability of the service by e-mail or telephone.

No more than five items per month of printed and/or other documents will be issued to the user via the Personal loan. Users will not be able to take out:

  • Archive and special copy,
  • frequently requested documents,
  • rare and valuable materials,
  • documents and materials published before 1940,
  • documents located in Special collection reading rooms.


Level 2, Room 228
Phone: +371 67716204

Opening hours:
Monday 12.00–20.00
Tuesday 9.00–17.00
Wednesday 12.00–20.00
Thursday 9.00–17.00
Friday 12.00–20.00
Saturday 10.00–17.00
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